The Creative Mentoring Program Works!

Statewide Statistics from 2014-2015 School Year


  • 96% of parents want their child to participate in our Creative Mentoring program next year 96%
  • 95% of parents said mentoring helped their child 95%
  • 77% of parents think mentoring positively affected academic performance 77%
  • 87% of parents said mentoring helped increase self-confidence 87%


  • 97% of mentors enjoyed their experience 97%
  • 94% of mentors think mentoring helped their students 94%
  • 79% of mentors think mentees were able to express their feelings better 79%


  • 98% of mentees enjoy spending time with their mentor 98%
  • 85% of mentees enjoy school more because they are mentored 85%
  • 79% of mentors think mentees were able to express their feelings better 79%


  • 94% of teachers said mentoring helped their students 94%
  • 78% of teachers were asked to enroll students in our program 78%

Why do we believe in the quality of training for Creative Mentoring so deeply? Because where there is quality, there are results! Teachers, parents, students, and mentors complete surveys at the end of each school year so that we can track progress and continuously improve our program. Year after year the numbers show that the Creative Mentoring program works! 

    The proof is in the pudding! Every year mentors and students are making connections that make a difference. How many times have you thought to yourself that you should volunteer somewhere, that you’d like to make a difference, that you’d like to feel more fulfilled? Creative Mentoring is a great opportunity for you to do all that and more. We’re all about inspiring youth and improving future generations. Join us! Just complete an application to get started. You’ll be glad you did.

    We are always glad to talk with potential mentors as well! If you have a few questions that you can’t find answers to, just give us a call at 302-656-2122 or 877-202-9050 to be connected to a Delaware mentoring expert.